Our Story

Meet Matthew & Sahara


Shhh.... Don't tell anyone. But we are a little obsessed with rooming houses...

Absolutely freaking love the concept! Why ? Well because it's given us an opportunity we never thought we would have.

The cashflow has changed our lives… We have been able to multiply our returns and do great things… like retiring early.

The most stable and low risk property investment opportunity whilst still getting to do good in the community providing affordable housing. (much needed affordable housing)

From humble beginnings... We have been in this space for over 8 years… and after achieving our own success we now help others achieve their dreams of higher returns in property.

Whilst also filling a need in the community. A Win-Win.
After successfully completing 100+ projects in just 24 months, (that's 3 rooming house conversions a week) Making us #1 Rooming House Experts in Victoria labeled from our passion and commitment to our mandate.

This is not a brag; more of a statement... (It's not bragging when it's true.) Being #1 is about the commitment to helping others… to create opportunity for others… so in order we can also grow. Our partners and community success is our success.

Needless to say, we are very passionate about what we do, and a cause to give as many people as possible the opportunity to capitalise on Cash Flow to secure retirement.

Our Mission is to HELP 1000 Real Estate Investors Achieve real results. We do this by bringing commitment, dedication and a deep desire to help people.

Our mandate is to help as many entrepreneurs who take action towards achieving their own goals, dreams and aspirations. And we will do whatever it takes to help make it happen.

We love action takers.

We're all about Positive Property.

Happy "Rooming" Success
Matthew and Sahara