Rooming House Services
(Victoria Only)


Rooming House Compliance: We help to get your property compliant according to the Victorian state Regulations. Working within Planning, NCC Building Code, Consumer Affairs, Health and Wellbeing Act, etc.

What you get...

  • Architechtural Designs
  • Simple Form Submissions
  • Experienced Building Surveyor Sign Off
  • Qualified Planning Exemptions
  • Various Alternative Exemptions
  • Council Submission and Management


Rooming House Renovations:  Giving you comfort knowing your project can be efficiently and effectively upgraded. Fast results, fire safe and compliant for operating a rooming house. PLUS ultimate returns.

What you get...

  • Friendly and Versatile Tradies
  • Fast Turn Around Times
  • Quality workmanship 
  • Proven Track Record
  • Clean and Proffessional 
  • Easily Rectifyable products

Design & Build

Rooming House Construction: You get a perfectly designed rooming house that will fit the bill for maximized returns and effective management. Then we can deliver your product in record time. 

What you get...

  • Over 50 projects of experience
  • Designs that make ROI
  • Fast turn around 
  • Turnkey delivery 
  • Affordable Construction
  • Multi Strategy Deliverables

Acquisition Consultancy

Rooming House Acquisitions: Working with a team that deeply understands the market and can help deliver a  quality product. Focused on short and long term yields, which means to deliver on cashflow and equity. 

What you get...

  • Accountability on deliverables
  • Most experienced minds in VIC for rooming
  • A unique indepth view of the market
  • Most reliable data sources 
  • Expertise that is time tested
  • First hand experience from SME

Management/Room Fill

Rooming house management:  By far the most important facet of having effective rooming house investments is the management. We have a proven track record of long-term sustainable resident and stable income.

  • Expert advice and reliability
  • A transparent and open process
  • Easy to understand terms
  • Affordable fee structures
  • Higher than average occupancy
  • Packages to suit your needs


Remember!  Opportunity cost is on the clock. Every hour is costing you in lost revenue... PLUS up to 9 less people with an affordable safe place to call home.  

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